Monday, November 1, 2010

Mandy Moo and Minnie, too!

Kathy here -blogging today. Minnie is still resting from Pugtoberfest on Sunday and having Mandy over on Saturday. Saturday we had the pleasure of dog sitting Minnie's best friend, Mandy.  She is so sweet, 10 months old and part German Shepherd.  While she was here, she thought she was a small dog.  It was hilarious! Minnie and Mack are allowed on the couch, so Mandy joined right in.  She didn't stay still at all.  She napped for about 1 hour in the afternoon but other than that she was playing, jumping, nipping, running, sliding.....We did enjoy being outside and raking leaves.  Here's a brief video of them playing on the couch:

I tried to get some good pictures, but they just wouldn't hold still and I'm a amatuer photographer!

Mandy sniffing the flowers.

The blur in the background are Minnie and Mandy.  Mack is keeping his distance!

Mandy squirming her way in between Hu-dad and Mack.  She would use her back feet and push herself into position!

Trying to get Mack into a game of bitey face.

Another action shot. 

Last one.

It's been a long time since we've had a big dog around the house, especially a puppy.  Their noses are table height, the can reach the trash, check what's in the sink and take up a lot of space on the couch!
It was fun and can't wait to doggie sit her again!


houndstooth said...

BOL! Morgan says she'd be happy to play with Mandy any time! It sure looks like she knows how to have fun!


Hound Girl said...

That was so cute and wow that had to be alot of fun!! Im sure Mack and Minnie were wore out!! Mandy is so cute but looks like she has alot of spunk in her!

Oliver Tate said...

wow minnie you look like you had lots of fun! that other doggie was much bigger than you but you didnt seem to mind! no wonder why youre so tired

oliver and jack

Nova said...

Thank you Minne and Mack for your well wishes! I was just soper duper scared of the big ol red and yellow stuff coming from the Pan! I am glad mommy and daddy kept me somewhat safe!