Saturday, May 5, 2012

Busy Days

We are sorry we haven't been posting more lately.  It just seems like we are always on the go!  We've attended 1 meet up, 1 pug "event", and been to the dog park a lot. Hu-mom's camera is on the fritz so we really have to depend on others for pictures.  We hope to have pictures from Pugs for Pinky soon....we hope!  It was a lot of fun. Folks raised lots of $$ to help pay for treatments for sick puggies. 

The only pictures we came home with are below.  There was a professional pet photographer taking complimentary pictures for only $8 and the money went to Pugs for Pinky! Pinky went over the Rainbow Bridge after suffering from cancer.  Pinky's mom was one of the founders of Pugs for Pinky! (Minnie didn't go, she doesn't like big crowds.)

The photos came out so well, too!  Top photo is Mack and bottom photo is Mario. 

Then on Tuesday all of our excursions came to a halt. Mario started having EXPLOSIVE diarrhea.  He's never had an accident in the house until this happened.   It was awful.  You could hear him going (sound effects) from the doorway when he was going outside.  He wasn't feeling very good either.  When it continued the next day, he made a quick trip to the vet.  She said he has a bacterial infection but should be fine in a few days.  So he was lucky and gets to eat rice and boiled chicken for a few days!   And had special powder in his food. But he does have to take a pill which hu-mom hides in his food.  So today, Saturday, he is much better....back to his old energetic self. We have no idea how he got the infection but he does eat EVERYTHING he can get his mouth on. Not too long ago, somehow he was stuck in the garage (garage door was down).  When hu-mom found him, he had gotten into the trash and was feasting on a whole chicken carcass.  He looked up with an expression on his face that said...."What?"  She wishes she had her camera for that moment!

So today, we went to a pug meetup near our house since Mario was feeling much better and has been on his medication for 3 days. Again, no camera but someone was taking pictures and said she would post them.  Lots of pugs, even a beautiful silver brindle boy!  We'll post them when we see them.   And the same thing for Pugs for Pinky.  Hu-sister Tori was taking pictures at Pugs for Pinky and hu-mom is waiting for her to get the pictures to us. 

Hu-mom does try to take us to the dog park almost every afternoon during the week so Mario can meet new doggies and people and get some good playtime in as well.  Mario is doing much better in his socialization skills with big dogs and strangers.  He's afraid of big dogs and jumps up on strangers. 

As we've said before, there are a lot of puggles coming into rescue in our area for some reason.  No one has expressed interest in adopting Mario yet.  But it only takes one good family!  

Mario thinks he's a lap dog! He loves to on your lap or at least touching you with a paw. 

We won't be blogging a lot in the next 2 weeks.  Company is coming this week and the 'rents are going on a cruise without us the following week! 

Enjoy spring!
Minnie  : )


Rumpydog said...

I hope Mario soon finds his forever home!

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Your pictures from Pugs for Pinky are wonderful! We hope Mario does find a good home soon. It's hard. We have a new foster pug, too. We will be posting about him later this week.

houndstooth said...

Good luck to Mario! It sounds like you've been busy!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH Minnie... I am so sorry that Mario's Poop Shooter went WILD on him like that.

It sounds like you have been havin a grrreat time.

Enjoy your company... and hurry back!

H and Flo said...

Hi M & M

Sorry we haven't been to visit for a while! We are very disturbed by this post. Any post that has the word 'diarrhoea' which is preceded by the word 'EXPLOSIVE' is disturbing! :)

tubby3pug said...

Poor Mario, he will find a good home soon.

The pictures are very nice

urban hounds

Reggie and Minnie said...

Hey M & M! i do hope Mario is feeling better soon! bless him, sounds not nice!!
We would LOVE Mario to come live with us if we didnt live across the pond, he looks a lovely dog! Think if Ma & pa followed their heart instead of their head they'd have 50 rehomed dogs and spend all their pennies on them! your really lovely people taking care of these lovely dogs!
looking forward to seeing the other photos.
Big hug and love Reggie... & my new little sister, Minnie xxx

Keith Andrea said...

Wonderful Photos., Good Luck Mario, hope you will see your home forever..

Stopped for a visit..

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Pet Solutions

Frank The Tank said...

Hi Minnie, Mack and Mario! Wow you have been very busy puggys! I love the photos from the pug meet but sad that you didn't have your photo done Minnie, it would have been beautiful, but I don't like big crowds either! Poor Mario with his "explosive" pooping, I hope that he is better now, bless him, though I wouldn't have minded the chicken and rice! I hope to see the photos and hear lots of your adventures soon! I feel sorry for Mario and hope that he gets his forever home soon, I think he is such a cute and handsome puggle, I feel that we would be fast friends if we met! Paws crossed for him! Love, Licks and Pugalier Hugs from your friend and Love Frank x x x x x x x x

Frank The Tank said...

Ps, that photo of Mario snuggling is the best, he really does look like he thinks he is a little lap dog, bless him! He is super cute! X x x x X

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh - Glad to hear that Mario is getting over his upset tummy. It sounded horrible! And hope he finds a nice home soon – he really deserves one!

Like a professional photos! :-)

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