Monday, October 11, 2010

Those Before Us

Hu-mom and hu-dad had a few furry babies before Mack and I  came into their lives.  Let me tell you about them.

Hu-mom and hu-dad adopted Jennifer the dog before there were any hu-babies, so this was a looonnng time ago!. Hu-mom later regretted using the name Jennifer for this puppy because know why!!!!  Hu-mom and hu-dad ened up having 4 kids, the 3 boys have J names, the girl got a M name.  I guess the J name was taken! Jennifer was a "side of the road" dog, abandoned in rural Tallahasse, Florida, of mixed heritage. There was also Pepper the black cat a female with a attitude! Pepper and Jennifer joined while the family was still living in Florida.  Then came Smoggy the kitty that was found in the alley while they lived in Southern California.  Hence the name, Smoggy, he was gray like the smog.

Jennifer in 1974

 Jennfier and Pepper (not a great photo! but Pepper's body is to the left of Jennifer) 1974

Smoggy in one of his favorite napping places!

Then came Shadow the Pomeranian.  He was a "special" dog.  He was purchased from a pet shop where he lived for almost 6 months.  Poor little thing, living in a pet shop for so long!  He was very sweet, not real bright.  The funniest story was the doggie door story. Humans installed a doggie door.  The cats even learned to use it.  It took forever for Shadow to learn that he could come back in. He would stand outside and bark to come in.  Shadow lived a whopping 17 years!

Shadow, Butterscotch and one of the "J" boys in about 1993. Yes, the couch cushions are missing, probably made into a fort!

About 2 weeks after Shadow came into the family, Butterscotch wandered into our front yard. Hu-mom and hu-dad were still living in Southern California. No one claimed him so he stayed!   His age was approximately the same as Shadow and he was almost the same size. Butterscotch lived a long life along side the kitties and Shadow as well.

Shadow, Butterscotch and "J" boy in 1996. Cushions are  now on the couch!

Shadow, Butterscotch, Pepper and Smoggy all moved to Northern Virginia with the family in 1988. By the time Mack and I joined the family, they had all crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Mack was born in Virginia and I was born in Pennsylvania!

Grandmother came to live with us in 1996 and she brought her 2 Texas kitties with her.  Only one is still with us but she is very old and crotchity and we are not allowed near her.  She stays in the mother-in-law suite. 

There were a few years that hu-mom and hu-dad didn't  have any pets.  But that didn't last too long!!!!
Every now and then hu-mom grumbles about living in a place with no pets and no kids!!!  ha ha ha!

Have a good week everyone.


Minnie Moo said...

I don't know how your hu-mom and hu-dad made it a couple of years without any pets!!! All the pets that came before you guys look pretty awesome!


Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

Snoop&Emily said...

wow, such nice pictures! :) and a nice story, thanks for sharing :)!


houndstooth said...

Mom said it nearly killed her and dad to live for three years in an apartment with no dog when they first got married. We're not sure how they could do it!