Monday, October 4, 2010

What to do on a Rainy Day???

Another rainy day and we can't (won't) go outside to play. 

We slept our way through the morning at work.  We were restless when we got home at noon and couldn't figure out what to do besides sleep.  Hu-mom decided to give us something special!  She gave each of us one of these:

(Hu-mon here--these are safe to eat, animal parts. We got ours online from Best Bully Sticks .)

Mack got a pigs ear and I got a part of a knuckle.  We haven't had one of these in a looooong time. Hu-mom is very picky when it comes to giving treats.  She always says we "need to watch our figures". Umph.

Mack immediately started working on his pigs ear.

He, of course, is right by hu-mom's side in the home office.

Me, on the other hand, put my good stuff away:

 Now I must guard it and keep  the evil kitties and Mack from entering my domain.  Just try and step foot on this bed!

Actually, I'm going to stand guard at the top of the stairs to make sure no one slips by me.

{Note from hu-mom:  Later on, that same day, Grandmother (who doesn't see very well at all) let Minnie out.  Now, we have a rule in our house that Minnie does not go outside with anything in her mouth.  I was cleaning up Grandmother's room, Grandmother was in the kitchen and she let Minnie out.  Grandmother's room is on the 1st floor and has a sliding door out to the backyard.  I glanced out and there was Minnie finishing up burying something.  I believe that something was probably Mack's pigs ear.  He left his post to say hello to Grandmother hoping to get a treat.  So the ole saying goes--you snooze you loose, sorry Mack.}

I sure hope the sun shines tomorrow!  Here's the forecast for the next few days in our area.

Oct 4

Partly Cloudy
Oct 5

Partly Cloudy
Oct 6

Few Showers
Stay dry you guys!


houndstooth said...

Paws crossed for better weather tomorrow!

Minnie, that's a sneaky thing to do! I'll be giggling about that all night!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Minnie Im like you! I save my stuff for later ;)

Southern Fried Pugs said...

LOVE Best Bully Sticks stuff! It's getting chilly here! Time to get out the sweaters and fleeces.

Winston, Kizzy and Tika of Two Cats and a Pug said...

Wow you are a good guard dog. I likes how you hid that so well. Um abouts the digging...... i hopes you remember where you dug and buried it.


Kitty+Coco said...

I like your style Minnie! OMD we have to get some of those treats with a Boston on the front. Knuckle..sounds tasty. I usually hide things in plain sight. Using the whole reverse psychology thing you know.


Hailey said...

oooooo!!! I LOVE to hear liver treats! They are my favorite!!!! I enjoy pig ears too and haven't tried knickles! But maybe if I can find where the treat was buried......... Looks like you had a lot of fun even though it rained!

Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

Bruschi said...

Minnie, you are a good treat hider!! I always try to hide mine too; I run in circles and whimper until I can't find a good enough spot, so I just end up eating it! BOL!
Must be a puggle thing!
Nice job guarding your domain by the way! I wouldn't mess with you!