Sunday, February 6, 2011

An Afternoon with Hu-Dad

Mack and I got to stay home all afternoon and evening yesterday with Hu-Dad!  Hu-mom had gone to watch Hu-Sisters Melissa and Dana participate in DC Roller Girls bouts.  Hu-sis Melissa is the coach of the All-Stars team and also plays on the Cherry Blossom Bombshells. Hu-sis Dana is a referee.

Here's what we got to do yesterday with Hu-Dad:

Yep, you guessed it!  We relaxed and had a good chew!  When Hu-mom is around, we don't get to take it easy.

Hu-mom had her camera at Roller Derby but forgot to take pictures after the bouts started.  She does that a lot....

This is Hu-sis Dana in her referee socks....not sure why Hu-mom didn't get more in the picture? (I think for Christmas, I'll suggest a photo class.)

Ok, another picture but no faces????

Wow, she actually got some faces!  Hu-sis Melissa in her Coaching uniform and Hu-brother Josh seeing who was taller....Hu-sis Melissa had on 6" heel boots!

Hu-sis Melissa, see her boots???  Half the fun of Roller Derby is getting in the spirit with the uniforms!  It's all for fun, nothing like the old roller derby on TV.  The house was packed by game time
and everyone had a blast.  Just sorry there are no pictures of the bouts and action!  Maybe next time!

Update:  Hu-grandmother is coming home on Wednesday!  She has worked hard at the rehab center and is strong enough to come home soon.  We thank everyone for all the good wishes.

We still have snow covering our yard, so our trips outside are short.  We have gone on walks in the neighborhood but since not all the sidewalks are shoveled, we are  not crazy about dodging cars! How about everyone else?  Still housebound?

Minnie  :)


Bobbi said...

Hi Minnie. It looks like you and Mack had a great time with Hu-dad and Hu-mom had fun as well. Love the pictures. We have some snow but not much. Looking forward to spring :) Stay warm.

Salinger The Pug said...

GREAT pics! We can't decide which would be more fun...having a good chew at home, or lacing up the skates and laying a hurtin' on someone! Both sound pretty fun to us!


houndstooth said...

I wish we had roller derby here! It looks like all sorts of fun!


Bruschi said...

Oh your day with Hu-Dad looks a lot like when we are home with our daddy! Lots of relaxing and chewing on bones. When Mommy is home, she makes us exercise and she's always pushing the vacuuming around and making all kinds of noise! Days with Daddy are the best! BOL!

Lori @ According to Gus said... looks like you had a fabulously lazy day with your Hu-Dad. Those are the best kinds of days. :)

San Antonio got a teeny tiny bit of snow overnight on Thursday but it didn't last long!

Oskar said...

That looks cool & you day with dad sounds great.

Glad that your grandma is doing better!

Nubbin wiggles,