Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yum-Yum Sundays

On Sundays in our house, Hu-mom and Hu-dad always enjoy bagels and lox. 
And guess what??   We get lox, too!

After Hu-dad has his run, they have breakfast.  Mack and I stand guard in the kitchen until the lox comes out!  Here's a sample of what we get:

Mack and I are really good catchers but not sure why Mack dropped this one. Hu-mom didn't get enough video of our catches!

Hu-grandmother update:  She's coming home today!  We have really missed her and can't wait to give her lot's of puggie hugs and kisses.

Love, Minnie :)


Minnie Moo said...

Aww give your hu-grandmother puggie hugs and kisses from me too!

That yummy lox looks awesome!


Minnie Moo

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Um what is lox? Is it tasty...should we be eating it too? Good catch Minnie.


Anonymous said...

yay for grandma coming home!! great news..

Pearl and Daisy said...

Ummm...we're not sure what a lox is but if you say, it's good, we'll eat it!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Kristin G. said...

I had to Google lox. I bet you do love it!! I'm glad your grandma is coming home. I'm sure you'll take extra good care of her. xo

Honey the Great Dane said...

I thought those were pretty good catches, Minnie & Mack! Anyway, you know the rule, right? It's never our fault - always blame the lousy thrower!! :-)

By the way, sorry to ask a stupid question but what on earth is a "lox" ??

Great news about your grandma!!

Honey the Great Dane

houndstooth said...

I've never had lox, but you make it look good!


Lori @ According to Gus said...

Nom, nom...sounds like a yummy breakfast!

Glad to hear your grandmother is at home now. I'm sure you're helping her recover with all the love you're giving her. :)

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Tanner and Oliver get cheese and turkey when dad makes a sandwich. He hands it out in a similar way. Now, lox, that's another story. Patches, our kitty, has dibs on the salmon around here. No one, not nobody goes near the salmon but Patches.

Big Paw said...

Found your blog on the pet blog hop and am following you now! Would love to have you as a new follower too if you like!

Christina said...

Such adorable little furbabies! Stopped over from the Blog Hop. We are now following you. Happy Valentines!

Lexi and Christina