Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kitty Help - A Brief Interruption to Our Blogging Break

As we mentioned before, hu-brother Joe graduated from college!  (Yes, the last one of the hu-siblings!)

The usually very sweet Osiris


Joe got a job right away, YES, but needed to move back home for a while to save up paper money so he can get his own place and he's getting married in December, so there's a lot of expenses that he needs to save for....anyway.....

When Joe moved back in, Mr. Meowgi (orange kitty) moved in with him.  Mr. M for short, set up shop in Joe's room with kitty stuff, litter box, etc.  When Joe was home, he would allow our kitties, Brodie and Osiris, to come visit and would let me and Mack come in, too.  That went well, although, there were a few kitty fights between Osiris and Mr M.  Not bad ones and the humans always ended the visit if that occurred.  Sometimes Mr M would be allowed the run of the house for a little while while Osiris and Brodie had some time alone in either Joe's room or another room. The dogs never seemed to bother Mr M since he had come from a home with dogs and other kitties. and Mr M is  used to moving.

Joe and Mr M have been here over 2 weeks and it was decided that Mr M and our kitties could stop meeting in Joe's room and start being together in the house.  Well....that didn't work out too well.  At first they kind of just followed Mr M.  Then he decided to go under a bed.  Then all hell broke loose.  You should have heard the racket. The humans and us doggies were downstairs and we could hear the racket through the floor!  There was fur all over. So the fur did fly! Eventually Mr M was gotten out from under the bed and went back to his room.

We thought all was well...then Osiris started attacking Brodie!  Osiris weighs 15.8 lbs and is not fat, per the vet. Brodie is a light weight and on good days weighs 10 lbs.  The humans squirted Osiris anytime he started after Brodie but that didn't make a difference.  It went on for a while and finally hu-mom decided to get some sleep and let poor Brodie get some rest, Brodie got to sleep with hu-mom and dad and me.  Osiris got to sleep with Mack!  Poor Brodie was frightened and would hiss at anyone or any dog that came near him. Hu-mom was beside herself.  She was very upset that she rocked the boat of the happy household we had.  Osiris and Brodie were friends and would play and sleep together. So this morning, hu-mom tested Osiris and Brodie.  For a minute of two it was fine, the Osiris went after Brodie and now Osiris is going to have time out by himself.

So now we need some advise of what to do.  Osiris is spending the day in a room and Brodie is getting the run of the house.  Mr M is going to stay in his room until we get this worked out.

WE are looking for advise!  Please help, we want all the kitties to be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will add a picture of Mr M soon, but he's still sleeping.....

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Payton said...

Oh goodness, that is just horrible news! We don't have any cat experience and thus no wisdom in this situation, but we'll be praying that it gets worked out and back to normal ASAP! Pug kisses to Minnie and Mack!

Frankie Furter said...

Hummmmmm Territorial Disputes are not fun... I'm thinkin... TIME will take care of it.. butt I suspect MORE fur is gonna be flying in the meantime.

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

We don't have kitties but recently (3months ago) added a new blind bouy Eskie to our previous 1 boy house. YoYo, the new boy has had a hard time trying to figure his place out in our pack of 5 and Quinn, our older boy, is not very assertive. It does take time and LOTS of patience but getting everyone to be nice to each other is possible.

Start by holding Osiris and Brodie one on each side of you and petting both. If one starts acting aggressive, put him down from your side and ignore him while continue to do just what you were doing with the other...don't fuss more or talk to the "bad" kitty just place him away and ignore him. After a short time if he is still lurking pick him up with the other cat side by side again. Again if aggression is shown, back down on the floor. try this as a first step it worked for us because a lot of the boy fights were over daddy's time and attention. Believe it will work and stay calm.