Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We're Back from Our Break

Hi everyone!  Sorry we were gone so long but a lot has been going on at our house... and to make matters worse, hu-mom's computer machine decided it wanted a break, too.  Mr. Gateway started getting sick on Sunday night and by Monday morning had kicked the bucket.  Of course all of our pictures were stored on that machine said he will try to save what was on the drive but hasn't gotten around to it yet. So, Lesson #1 - back up your pictures often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hu-mom is using her NETBOOK, his name is Baby Dell,  for  now for all computer stuff  and it does not have all the bells and whistles Mr. Gateway had.

And problem number 2 is that hu-mom's camera, Mr. Cannon, has decided to not work all the time. A lot of the pictures she took were coming out very dark and she's trying to figure out why.  Flash pictures come out OK just not non flash ones....

So, this is a picture of Mack taken on Sunday at the bridal shower we had at our house.  He dressed up in his "Dogfather" tee shirt for the party!  It's the only recent picture of us puggies hu-mom has right now.  I had on my summer dress, but I didn't make it into any pictures.

It's been raining here for 2 days and more rain is in the forecast.  We can't wait to get outside for walkies since the weather has cooled down.

We hope everyone is happy and healthy and we are working on catching up on visiting our Blogville friends!

Love, Minnie : )


tubby3pug said...

Nice your back

You could do what our mom does and recycle old pics, kind of cheating though. She usually confesses though

Max the Quilt Cat said...

So good to see you back.... Wow... you are sure having techno-problems right now. Hope it all sorts itself out pretty soon... We love seeing your beautiful faces on the blog. Take care and welcome back.

pawhugs, Max

Frankie Furter said...

I am SOOOOOOO glad that you are back.
When we take a batch of pix.. we alwasy burn them onto a CD.
Sorry you have computer and camera problems. Hope BOTH get cleared up speedy quick.

Wilma said...

Glad you're back guys. Sorry about the technical difficulties. Yeah, I don't want to discourage you, but we have pictures on 4 hard drives our dad hasn't gotten around to retrieving. You should start chewing shoes until he gets them! Heh, heh, heh.

Mia said...

So glad to have you back!!! Hope your momma gets all her stuffs fixed soon!!



Payton said...

Welcome back! Hope your computer and picture woes get solved soon...especially since we miss seeing cute pics of you and Mack!

Suki said...

Whooo Hooo! You're BACK! We all missed you.

Please send the rain to Texas! We are in desperate need to have the forest fires put out.


houndstooth said...

Wow! You've sure had a run of bad luck at your house with the electronics. I hope things get sorted out soon!


Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

You guys aren't having any luck with machines. Mack looks mighty cute in his dogfather shirt.

the girls

Southern Fried Pugs said...

When it rains, it pours! Both figuratively and literally.
Glad to have you back! Just in time for Lee to wash you out.

Vito and Gina said...

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH don't get Mom started on Gateway!! Her 1.5 year old laptop had to be returned 3 times for repair and then finally just died - dead motherboard! 1.5 years old! Oh she gets shaky just thinking about how mad it makes her.