Thursday, September 8, 2011

Skinny Minnie

I had my check up and the vet person has cleared me for social activities again!  That also means nice, long walkies, too. And guess what?  I lost 5, yes, 5 pounds since becoming sick with pancreatitis.From 30 pounds to 25 pounds! No more medications but I will be on a special kibble from now on to help prevent getting pancreatitis again.  It's really good and I wolf it is a prescription diet for pancreatitis in doggies by Royal Canin.

I don't recommend losing 5 pounds this way but I'm working hard to keep the extra pounds off. 

This is the picture you always see at the vet to show a doggie's waist! 
Waiting for a treat, which are few and far between!

Here comes Mack for a treat, too!

Pretty please can I have one more?

Mack being cute for a treat.

Mack and I are enjoying catching up on everyone's blogs.  

Love, Minnie :)


Noodles said...

Minnie and Mack so good to have you BACK!
Minnie you look so svelte and model-like now. Wow. You have earned a treat or ten in my book.
Love Noodles

Frankie Furter said...

WhooooooHoooooie... Minnie Girrrrl you are lookin GOOOOOD. I'm just sayin. Glad that you got Cleared and stuffs. I am really glad that you LIKE your new Kibble. Is it Wet or DRY?? Where do you get it???

Mia said...

So glad you are back and feeling all better!! That's a rough way to lose 5 pounds, but good for you!!!



Minnie and Mack said... is a dry kibble but we also get some of the canned as well. Hu-mom puts a teaspoon in my dry kibble as a treat! We get it at Petsmart where they have a Banfield Vet. Our vet wrote the prescription but doesn't carry it so she suggested Banfield!

Ellen said...

Too bad you had to get sick to lose some weight but you are looking great! And Mack, too, is as handsame as ever! ~Hugs~

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Yay for you!

Kippy Marrie said...

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Espero voces.
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Kippy Marrie said...

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tubby3pug said...

I am so glad you feel better and you look great, a lovely figure

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Minnie, we are glad you are feeling so much better now. And you look fabulous.

Payton said...

Minnie, although you look great, I'd be telling your mom and you are too skinny so you can get some more treats...that's the best part of a good weigh-in in my opinion. Please tell Mack that I think he's just adorably cute in that picture (wink, wink!).

Suki said...

Hi Minnie,
Congratulations on the weight loss make over. You're looking great!

Mack is so cute in his picture.


Kolchak Puggle said...

Well aren't you just the cutest thing ever?! The Mama says I need to lose a few pounds too, so we're hostong K9 Kamp and making me work the pounds off. Pancreatitis sounds EASIER, but I bet it's not very much fun to be sick! I'm glad you're feeling better!

Chewy said...

Awww i am glad your are ok! you look great!

take care

Tiffy said...

You have a waist! Good for you, Minnie. I would agree that losing 5 pounds is not good for most but if it makes you healthy than it was worth it.

I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better. Special kibble is a good thing because you're special. And don't worry about the treats. You'll get some but they will be different than the ones you got before.


Bruschi said...

OH Minnie, you look so good! Pancreatitis is a lousy way to lose the weight but hey, you are feeling better and looking good! You and Mack are so cute! I think you deserve extra treats with all you've been through!

Maddy and Owen said...

Glad to hear you are doing great! You sure do look Fab :) Keep looking cute and those treats will come ;)
Maddy and Owen

Kristin G. said...

Awhh, you're looking good Minnie! That's not a fun way to lose weight, but I hope your sick days are gone for good!!

Salinger The Pug said...

WORK IT GIRRRRL! Look at that tiny waist!

I eat Royal Canin stuff too! YUMMERS!!!

You and Mack are both just RIDICULOUSLY cute looking for treats!!!


Vito and Gina said...

Minnie you are looking svelte! And Mack, you are looking pretty cute too!

My brother Vinny is on Royal Canin food too for his liver problems. He doesn't get many treats either which in turn trickles down and affects ME and I don't like it. So Mack, if you ever need a friend to talk to about having high maintenance siblings, you know who to call.