Monday, October 17, 2011

Beautiful Day for a Meet Up

Sunday was a gorgeous day here in Northern Virginia.  Fall is certainly in the air. The temps are crisp and the leaves are a fallin'.  We had a puggle meet up scheduled for Sunday and couldn't wait to get outside and enjoy furry friends and nice weather.

There were a lot of doggies at the park, coming and going, so we didn't get a count in time or get a picture of the group.  Hu-mom took some shots while everyone was on the run. Here they are:

I'm overseeing all the comings and going at the park.

The large fawn puggle on the left is Cooper.  The little dark one is Chester.  He's new to the group and really frisky. Since he is a rescue his mom and dad aren't sure of his heritage but he looks like a puggle a lot except for his coloring.  I did not care for his frisky-ness and told him so!

More of my puggle friends.

Mack in black and white.  (Hu-mom must have hit a wrong  button)

More of the puggles in one place!

Big black dog came over to play with the puggles.  He was a hit with the  young puggles that liked to play chase.


and more puggles.

I guess I'm getting a little old and cranky now that I'm 6 years old.  When a young pup comes up to me and starts nipping and jumping to play, I give him the ugly face.  If he doesn't listen, then I make ugly sounds.  Hu-mom was not happy with me but I told her you have to tell the young ones who is boss!

We hope everyone had a wonderful and beautiful fall weekend.

Love, Minnie


Hound Girl said...

Holy cow that was alot of little puggles!! They are just so cute though! Glad yall had some good weather for a meet up!!

Payton said...

Hi Minnie! I must confess that I can get the same way, so mom uses treats to bribe me into being nice until the other dogs have a chance to get their fair share of sniffs in. I'm so glad that you got to enjoy the nice day with so many friends! Tell Mack I said hi!

Frankie Furter said...

Oh Minnie that looks like the PERFECT place to be on a perfect fall day!!!
I don't blame you fur givin the pups the STINK EYE...

Frank The Tank said...

You look like you had such an amazing day, it looks like you had so much fun! I wish we had meet up days like that where I live, it would be fun to have lots of pugaliers running around! You guys all look super cute! I love how you are in the park overseeing it all Minnie, don't worry I get grumpy with the puppies too and I'm gunna be 2 in January! Love and PHUGS Frank x x x x

Kari in Vegas said...

Oh what fun!

Stop on by for a visit!

Kolchak Puggle said...

OMD, you went to a...Puggle party?! That is the most awesome thing ever! How did the park not explode trying to contain that much cuteness??? Aesome. Just awesome. I wonder if they have those here?

Kristin G. said...

We definitely need to soak up this weather while we can. I think rain is heading our way in the middle of the week. Have fun!

houndstooth said...

You must have been in Puggle Heaven! I'm glad you had so much fun, even if you did have to tell that whippersnapper what's what!