Saturday, February 18, 2012

Orijen Dog Food Review and Updates

Our friends Mr Chewy and Brent at asked us to write an honest review of one of the Orijen products they sell.  They sent us a free bag of the Orijen Six Fish Dry Dog Food that we requested.

As usual, the box of requested food was received extremely quick!  We DO love!

I'm not going to go into a lot of details about Orijen or Orijen Six Fish dog food.  I have links at the end of this review has are very specific.  The Orijen website is excellent, please visit.

Orijen is made with only the freshest regional ingredients.  Their foods are matched to the digestive systems of both dogs and cats. Orijen brings peace of mind to owners by promoting peak health of their pets in addition to containing natural flavors that pets crave.

Active dogs require a meat-based diet, rich in animal protein and fat. Champion Petfoods uses free-run poultry, wild caught fish and free-range red meats for Orijen. Coupled with these fresh meats are fruits and vegetables, health-boosting herbs and balanced mineral content for the healthiest meal pets can get.
Orijen is grain-free for more controlled blood sugar levels and excludes ineffective nutrients from plant oils as compared to other brands.

Champion works closely with local farmers, fishermen,  food processing innovators and the scientific community to produce the highest quality products. Arriving fresh from the region each day, the meat is never frozen and never exposed to heat or chemicals.  The harvested fruit and vegetables are ripe with vitamins and enzymes and antioxidants. The natural herbs help strengthen organs and tissues while supporting the digestion process of your pet.

All these fresh ingredients are processed  under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's highest food safety standard. Even the ingredient suppliers are approved by the US Department of Agriculture.

I have a reason for reviewing Orijen Six Fish.  If you have followed our blog, you know that until Minnie was diagnosed with Pancreatitis last summer,  I made their food, the raw diet with raw meaty bones.  The vet said Minnie would be better off on a prescription kibble.  There was no way I wanted Minnie to go through what she had gone through with pancreatitis, so without much hesitation  I decided to make the switch for Minnie to her prescription kibble.  Then the big decision was what food would I feed Mack.  Mack has a BIG allergy problem, from head to tail, which was one of the main reasons I was making their food. I reviewed a lot of written material, talked to a lot of "dog" people including our vet and talked to the folks at our local Whole Pet Central pet food store about what food would be best for Mack and his allergies.  Our local store provided me with some samples, one of which was Orijen.  After a trial period for each food, Mack did the best on Orijen.  Orijen is high in protein, low in carbs and grain free.   We started out with Orijen Senior.  I now mix a combination of Senior and Six Fish.  He LOVES it. His has maintained a healthy weight, which is hard to do in a neutered, senior pug who likes to sleep on the couch and watch TV!  He has been able to completely stop his oral medications for his allergies.  His stools are nicely formed and I wish I could say they don't stink, but they still could always wish.

I have included some reviews of Orijen below along with the website for Champion Pet Foods of Canada that make Orijen Six Fish.  I don't believe that Orijen foods are anymore expensive than most premium pet foods. Mack has been on Orijen for over 6 months now and is doing extremely great!  Our foster, Miss Daisy, also got the Orijen.  For the month she was with us, she did great on it.  We sent her off to her new home with some Orijen for a good start.

If you have any questions about our review of Orijen, please just ask!

Dog Food Adviser Orijen Review

Dog Food Chat

Orijen Six Fish Dry Dog Food

We wanted to bring to your attention one of the great benefits of using The Refer Your Friends Donation Program.  See the details below:

So if you decide to use and try, please use this code:


 Minnie and Mack's account has a total of $20 for donations!  We thank everyone that has participated.

We want to thank everyone for all the well wishes for our Grandmother.  She was ill again this past week, but has recovered nicely so we haven't been able to visit our favorite blogs too much.

Miss Daisy is doing well with her new family.  They are promising to send us a picture!

Hopefully, things around Casa Cooper will calm down and hu-mom can keep us updated on our blog, too!

We hope everyone enjoys this holiday weekend.  The weather person is promising us some SNOW tomorrow.

Love,  Minnie : )


Bassetmomma said...

Great review! I have always wondered about trying Orijen but just didn't know too much about it.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

This is a Fine Review. I will be doing a review of Origin next week myself. I find it to be QUITE tasty and so does Ernie.

Southern Fried Pugs said...

It's great of you to share your experience with Minnie and Mack and food problems. Allergies can be such a problem with pugs. Folks will learn from your story.

tubby3pug said...

We have Orjen in our rotation, its a great food

Payton said...

I am so sorry to hear that my Mack has bad allergies, but I'm glad he likes the Orijen kibble! Also happy to hear that Grandma is better again too.

Max the Quilt Cat said...

We're not so big on dog food, but we do love Mr. Chewy... Great review.

pawhugs, Max

jen said...

Great review!!! Orijen is an excellent food, IMO! I fed the Newfs this a few years ago and then switched to the Acana, which is also made by Champion Pet Foods. I have always been very pleased with their quality of food!

bichonpawz said...

We are currently trying the Canidae and loving it!! Orijen is next on our list! Mama tries to switch up our food so we don't get to used to one or the other...but thank you for letting us know about this food! Glad to hear that your grandmother is doing better and that Daisy is happy in her new home. xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Shanna @ Mr. Chewy said...

Thank you so much for this honest, thoughtful review of the Orijen Six Fish Dry Dog Food! We are so glad that you and Mack are happy with this food. We think it's great, too! It's wonderful to know that Mack is staying healthy - that puts a huge smile on all of our faces! Please don't hesitate to call, chat or email us if you have any questions or need assistance in the future. We're open 24/7, so we're always here and happy to help! Thanks again!

Adam Thomas said...

Nice and very informative blog !

Dry Dog Food

Frank The Tank said...

Hi Minnie and Mack! Fab Review!I'm sorry to hear about Mack and his food problem I'm so very glad he likes the Orijen kibble! I have to have special kibble for myu diet but its also got to be sensitive because I have a delecate tummy" I am so happy to hear that your Grandma is feeling better! Love and Licks and big hugs with tummy rubs from your Puggy Frank xxxx

Kristy said...

My dog has some trouble with food too until I got her on the Orijen. Go here to read her story: Orijen Story

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