Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Construction Day II

The guys are here again today, some with new smells and new sounds.

Some of the things are not making me happy.....there were tubes running all around the house and blocking the stairs and I was afraid!!

My scare-dy face.

This is Brodie and his scare-dy face. Another one of my 2 feline brothers. You'll find out more about them in another blog. Brodie is not happy with the worker guys either. And Osiris, we haven't seen him since they got here this morning! He's a real chicken!

Mack's not afraid of anything!

and Mack will EAT anything, like this food wrapper one of the worker guys left behind. Mack definitely likes Taco Bell!

Looks like they will have to come back another day since all the work did not get finished. Mack made friends with the guys....I was just happy to have them leave.

Here's a picture of Mack overseeing the job and managing the worker guys.

Mack said it looks like they did a fine job of sealing the air leaks in the house and attic and installing new insualtion.

I just hope they are finished, cleaned up and gone by the dinner time!!!!!


Puggle Preston said...

I can't wait to see how pretty your house is gonna be when all the work is completed.
ohh..I "heart" your food bowls!


The Army of Four said...

Hang in there, friends! All that strange noise and stuff will be over before you know it! And everything will be really cool!
Thanks for the birthday wishes - I really appreciate it!
Tail wags,