Thursday, September 23, 2010

House Guests

Exciting times at our house today!  The day didn't start out great.  Humom left and we thought she was going to work and forgot to take us.  It turned our she was going to the tooth doctor....that doesn't sound like fun. So things were a little slow for the morning.  Around lunch time, my faovrite visitors were walking up the driveway!  Aunt Melissa and Aunt Dana!!!!  Turns out they are going out of town until Sunday and we are pet sitting for their group.  I've known their gang for a long time and they are great friends of mine and of Mack's, too.  We just love Aunt Melissa and Aunt Dana 'cause they bring gifts!  More about the gifts later.

Let me introduce you to their gang.  

This is Ripley the african gray  timneh parrot.  (You might have met her before when I blogged about my friends at work.)  She gets to stay in the guest room here and has a nice big window to look out and see the wildlife outside.  Because of the kitties we have here, Ripley needs to have a safe place. You know kitties and how much they like birdies!  Need I say more? 

Ripley has a lot of cool stuff in her cage.  But I can't get close enough to it to check them out....don't tell anyone, but I just LOOOVVVEEE birdseed and any thing that Ripley throws out of her cage. Humom says I am a vaccuum cleaner for Ripley.  It's true!

The next 3 friends are ferrets. This is Chandler Bing.  He is big, fat and very white.  He's the youngest and he likes to pose for the camera.

Next to Chandler Bing and sleeping next to him, (see feet and tail?) is Tonks. She is darker in color and smaller, being a girl and all.  Uncle Fester is also darker in color but he is asleep inside the towel so he can't be seen in this picture.

They don't get to stay in one of the guest rooms, they get to stay on the dining room table!!!  Lucky.
The kitties aren't allowed on the table but they do sit in the chairs and watch.  I think if the ferrets could run loose in my house, the kitties and  I would love to play. 

At their own house, they have a playpen thingy that is like a fence on the ground.  I've been to their house when they are in the play pen and I like to watch and sniff since we can get nose to nose!  Mack could really care less.

Uncle Fester and Tonks have ferret sickies that most ferrets get as they get older.  Humom was instructed to give Tonks medicine drops mixed in baby food and it smells great!  Uncle Fester has to go to the vet for shots once a month or so.

This is a picture of the "Tuff" dog toy that has 5 squeakers in it that Aunt Melissa and Aunt Dana brought for me and Mack.  Of course, I tried it out immediately.  They also brough a ball that is made up of loops.  Maybe Humom can put treats in it!!!  They also brought a collection of cat toys.  I love cat toys!  Humom has not opened that package yet.  Can't wait.

Mack is pretending he's interested in the new toy. Sure Mack, like you play.....

Hopefully Humom can get the video thingy to download and will have some great videos to share of our visitors.


Maddy the Puggle said...

Wow Minne! That is quite the full house you and Mack have! So many friends to sniff and look at :) I hope you have fun with them! Your Mommy sure is great watching all of these pets for a while!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Minnie you have some very interesting house guests! Mom likes Chandler Bing he looks super soft. Your toy looks like a blast!

houndstooth said...

You have a full house! I hope you all get along well!


jen said...

I love Chandler Bing!!! That is way too funny:)

Simply Pug said...

Did you come over to our house or what? Our human has two cockatiels, two ferrets, four cats, and then all seven doggies. Maybe it is no wonder we want to move out soon. We tried to take pictures with our birdie friends but they like to fly away from us. Maybe one day we will.
~Baby and Lucy