Monday, September 20, 2010

We are Tired!!!!!!!!!!

After a very fun filled and busy weekend, Mack and I are ready to rest up at work this week.

Saturday we had a Herndon Active Dogs MeetUp at Reston Town Center. The weather has finally cooled off enough so Mack could attend but humom was by herself and didn't think she could handle 2 doggies alone with so much going on around her. Mack did get to go on our adventure the next day.  This was a real test for most of the dogs since we had to be on leash the entire time and deal with a lot of  2 leggers on foot.  This included short and tall  2 leggers.  We strolled around the Center, met a lot of nice 2 leggers and doggies, too!  So many of the stores are doggie friendly and had water bowls out by their doors, thanks you guys!  The restaurants that had outdoor seating were also doggie friendly.  We say a huge Grant Dane watching his people have lunch.  (There was some drooling involved.) 

Here are some pictures of us strolling around:

It was hard to get all the people and their dogs in the shots!

After strolling and getting hot and thirsty, we finished up at the Town Square Park to rest.
There is a neat water feature their that shoots water straight up in the air from ground level in about 10 different spots in a big circle.  It's a great place for kids and doggies to cool off.  The funny thing is the sign  says say away from the 

Here are those of us that liked the water part:.

Thanks to Cory for the great pix!!!

After playing in the water, the 2 leggers got ice cream, hey, none of the doggies had any.  No fair  :(

Early Sunday morning, we loaded up the minivan with me, Mack, humom and one of my best doggie friends in the neighborhood, Mandy, and her people. We drove for quite a while and were very excited.  We were off to Shirlington Dog Park.   It had great reviews so we thought the Herndon Active Dogs would have a MeetUp there. It is huge!  The highlight is Difficult Run Stream, which dogs and humans can access via the dog park. Here are some pictures that Cory took:

Mandy, Me and little 2 legger, Beverly

Snowcrash enjoying himself.

Snowcrash in the foreground.  It was really rocky and harder for humans to walk than dogs.

Another view down stream.  There were about 50+ dogs at the park on Sunday when we were there.

Me and a wet Mandy.

Mandy and a new friend playing catch.

A view up stream and Me getting my feet wet.

After playing in the stream for a looong time, we headed back up to dry land. All the dogs were soaked by then.  Of course, the ground was dirt. Mandy rolling around with Snowcrash.  I can't believe they had any energy left to play.

Look at Mack's legs, they're supposed to match his back!  He was one dirty Pug.

Just a close up of Mack's cute little head.

I was just as dirty but my legs didn't show it.  My harness was more than filthy.

One last look at the stream.  Great place.

Humom speaking now:  We decided after spending the morning there, that it is just too much.  There were over 50+ dogs at the park off leash while we were there.  Some were intact, some were very aggressive, and some owners couldn't handle their own.  Poor little Mack was just ambling along, minding his business down by the creek, not very far from humom and a big black dog attacked him.  There was a lot of noise and yelping but luckily, no blood shed. The owner didn't evern ask if Mack was ok.  His dog was I said before, we won't be going back. All of us from Herndon Active Dogs agreed.  Maybe if it was a weekday and during the day, it would be better.  But all in all, we had a great time.  Mack is NOT a water dog, Minnie will go in if there is a good reason! Mandy and Snowcrash are definetly water dogs.

Humom made a neat video of us playing in the water but she has tried and tried but it won't load.  She'll keep trying.

Hope all of you had a great almost Fall weekend!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Sounds like a great time. Too bad about the big dogs not playing fair. We stick to parks that seperate the big and small dogs. Sequoia has been peed on by a big dog so we don't need a repeat of that adventure. Give our best to Mack!

Sequoia and Tuni

Minnie Moo said...

Wow looks like you all had lots of fun. Big dogs never play fair. In the park this past weekend, I got run over by a basset hound. It really scared me. But I still love those big dogs! Maybe more luck next time? Maybe they will learn to respect the little ones!


Minnie Moo

Simply Pug said...

Wowee! No wonder you are tired! Looks like a lot of fun for a puggy like you! Lucky you!!
~Baby and Lucy

houndstooth said...

It looks like a great weekend to me! I wish we had some canine pals to get together with. You are very lucky. Finding a good dog park is a tricky thing. We love ours, although it's not as cool as that one, but it's in a rather secluded, quiet place and there are never too many dogs there.

Thank you so much for the good wishes for Lilac's birthday! She's feeling so special today!


jen said...

It looks like you had a great weekend filled with lots of wetness:)

Maddy the Puggle said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Sorry to hear about the park incident, but glad Mack was ok :)

Puggle Preston said...

Hello! it seems like you guys had great fun at the meetup. what a dog friendly town center. I love places like that.
oh that is a dog park? with a stream?! awesome! we got swimming pools in our dog parks here but i always wish mommy could go into the water with me. A stream like that would be great for mommy and I. oh I am so sorry to hear that Mack got bullied. I don't do well in a busy dog park either. I become very cautious and don't want to run when there are many dogs around, especially big ones. I am sure you can find more fun parks to go to. Safety first!