Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Hi everyone!! Hope your week is good.  It's been the usual around here.  The time change really messed me up.  I'm ready to eat way to early in the evening  and hu-mom gets annoyed when we start in on the "getting ready" to eat routine that starts about 1 1/2 hours before we actually eat. So it starts really early now.  She is slowly making us wait about 10 minutes more every day until we get back to our usual feeding time of 5:15. I just hope I don't starve to death in the meantime.....

Hu-mom caught Brodie being cute this morning.  There was a lot of "aww, he's so cute."...really?
He's a cat!

Here I am starting in on the "getting ready" to eat routine, can you tell I'm hungry?

I'm looking forward to a new dog store opening this weekend.  Freebies and treats! 
See ya later, Minnie


houndstooth said...

We hear you on the food issue. Well, Lilac does anyway! The rest of us could sleep a while longer. She seems to be our own personal alarm clock!


Wilma said...

Hi Minnie! We totally have a get ready to eat routine too. It starts with some face licking( of each other). Then Brigitte starts whipping the monkey bed around the kitchen like it owes her money. Then if we are not fed by then, it's an all out wrestling match until Sluggo pops up and gives a pleading look to the Mom. Ugh, what we have to do to get what is rightfully ours.

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Mom did the same with us, or tried to. But Isabelle still starts crying or shrieking until she's fed. That gets Quincy wound up so he starts running in circles and barking. Then that gets us crazy, which usually brings out the water bottle.

Minnie Moo said...

Ohhh a new dog store!!! Sounds fun.

And my mama thinks the cat is adorable too.


Minnie Moo

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Hey guys, the two black pugs are Quincy and Isabelle, our foster brother and sister with Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. Quincy is on the left, Isabelle on the right. They have been with us since March of 2009. You can read about them on the website.

Honey the Great Dane said...

That's a clever plan of your human's!

I have to say - my human is so disorganised that I tend to eat at a different time every day anyway so I never know what to expect! :-)

(*And thank God I have Paul around because Hsin-Yi is so absent-minded, there have been times when she's forgotten to give me dinner altogether!!)

Honey the Great Dane

Hilary said...

You won’t starve to death silly.... that is what I keep telling my son, Alex the cat. He feels exactly the way you do. He also reluctantly lets us wait until around 5:15 for his breakfast, but if he had his way, he would be served at 3:30 AM. He thinks that is the PURRFECT time! I taught my dog were