Friday, February 18, 2011

Bedtime Buddies

Hu-mom here today:  As most of our followers know, Minnie sleeps with us.  She starts out under the covers at the foot of the bed, more on hu-dad's side. Throughout the night she will move from underneath the covers but still in between hu-dad and me.  She'll put her little head on or near a pillow.  Eventually, she'll move back under the covers and that is where she is when the alarm goes off.  She is ALWAYS the last one to get up.  Mack sleeps in the home office because of his snoring.  He's up and at em' the minute we open his door.  Mack is not a toy person/dog.  He has one toy - the green square sheep - (that Minnie has destuffed) that he carries around in his month after dinner.  (Click here for that post.) However, Minnie is a different story.  She loves her stuffies, her balls, her bones, her blankies. They are all over the house soon after being put back into the toy boxes we have around the house. The cleaning lady always turns the toy box upright and puts a big stuffie on top....that really makes Minnie mad. Anyway, the subject of today's post is getting away from me.....

The other morning, upon arising, this is what greeted us on the bed:

Sock Monkey - from Minnie's September birthday and still intact but squeaker is dead
Yellow Duckie - new from Valentine's Day and also still intact with squeaker
White Blankie - this WAS a large polar bear that is totally destuffed and only a fake fur hide
a 3/4 eaten knuckle bone

Minnie was very proud of her collection as you can see from this photo. I made sure the collection was still intact when the bed was made up.  The funny thing Minie does with her White Blankie is when she is on the bed and tired, she will place some of it in her month and just lie there like that. It is 100% cute!

The amazing thing to me is how different two little doggies can be.  They both were raised with lots of love and stuffies, balls, etc. I guess that's why we luv em' so much!


Southern Fried Pugs said...

The first thing Petunia does when she gets out of her crate is grab a stuffie and run like a crazy pug. Tallulah, her littermate, doesn't. Pugs are like snowflakes, no two are alike!

Suki said...

Suki has certain stuffies she takes to bed too. I put them back in the toy basket, but when I get home from work, they are back in the bed.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I love Minnie's white blankie (fka polar bear). After your "green" post yesterday, I'm convinced Minnie was just trying to "reuse" an old toy. Love it!

Salinger The Pug said...

Awww Minnie, you have such nice toys!!!

Salinger (and his PugMom) aren't big "toy" puggies either. He has one or two favorites, and that's it. I know Hank and Molly are the same way. Weeeeird, and really unfortunate because we have three giant toy baskets for him!!!!

Have a great weekend and please give both Minnie and Mack lots of love from their "Auntie Laura" in Indy!

Laura (S-Dog's head peep)

Dee . . . . . said...

Hi Minnie & Mack, I've just found your blog via the saturday blog hop and I have become your latest follweer! Oh my you are both very gorgeous and I have enjoyed reading your blog.


Oskar said...

I love her proud face!

Nubbin wiggles,

Oliver Tate said...

jack is the same way with his toys. as soon as mommy puts them in the box he takes them right out. jack loves his toys. he plays with all different ones. there are at least 6 toys on mommys bed at all time. not her choice lol. and we both love to sleep under the covers touching mommy. must be a puggle thing.

oliver and jack

Kristin G. said...

Zoe is the only one in our pack that actually plays with toys. Xander destuffs them, which angers me because he ruins them for Zoe. She has lots of completely destuffed toys thanks to him. We frequently come to bed to find one of "her babies" waiting for us. It is cute! When I pick up the toys and return them to her basket, she follows me around looking at me like I'm crazy!! I would like to see Minnie sleeping with her polar bear blanket. :)