Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Car Trouble

Kathy blogging today- The doggies were all buckled in their car seats. My work laptop, bag of nibbles, coffee and purse were all loaded in. The ferrets stinky cage was in the back of the van since Melissa and Dana's Saturn was too small for it and Ripley's traveling cage together. I had moved 10 large trash bags of clothing to donate and going to be picked up today to the top of the driveway next to the van. Got in the van, turned the key...tick, tick, tick, tick....tick..tick..tick. Nothing. Tried again, same thing. Called Barry outside. Opened the hood, tried again, this time only 1 tick tick noise, then nothing. Of course, it is raining, too. We came to the conclusion it was probably the battery. Mechanics we are NOT!!! Called AAA. Was on hold due to the heavy load??? Ok, they will come with replacement battery, etc., by 7:45AM. It was 7:00AM, not bad for AAA in the Metro Washington DC area in which we live. I unloaded the dogs, my coffee :) and began the wait. Phone rang at 7:16 and I was excited thinking, wow, they are calling to let me know they are coming early!!!! Woo Hoo!! No...recording advising me they're 15 minutes behind. Well, all in all, that's not too bad. We'll see---

So with time on my hands, I remembered to call work, had to haul all 10 bags back into the garage so the AAA tow truck can get next to the van. Decided to clean out the stinky ferret cage, ended up emptying the litter box and hosing it out. That was much better. I should have done that yesterday. Then I put the ferret cage back into the back of the van and continued the wait.

Minnie and Mack decided to  get on the couch, napping while waiting for the AAA guy to come.

Minnie is very scheduled oreinted, so I'm sure this has really thrown her off.  Mack just goes with the flow. She will really be confused when I put her back into their car seats and head off to work.

Update--7:55AM  AAA called, he is 15 mins away.  So that puts him 30mins behind schedule.  Still, all in all, not too bad for the area.

Interesting:  Recycling garbage truck just came and took our recycling.  Minnie and Mack did not make a sound.  Usually, when a car drives by, a human or dog walks by, they carry on and bark up a storm.  Wonder what the recycling guys do that doesn't rile them up?

Another factoid--The van was at the dealer last week for a tune-up/oil change, etc., for 45K miles.

Update--8:15AM, AAA guy arrives in a really cool looking van. See picture.

Adam checks the battery.  Yep, it's the battery.

8:20AM--new battery being installed.
8:22AM--all finished except for payment.
8:25AM--Job complete, Adam off to his next client.
8:30AM--Minnie, Mack and I are off to work, just a little late!

While I was waiting, I thought of things that I was really thankful for or this could have been a lot worse:

1. Car was till at home
2. Barry still at home
3. Rain was not a downpour
4. People at work at very understanding for this kind of situation
5. We have AAA
6. Car was fixable for not a lot of $$$

Minnie and Mack did go nuts when Adam and his cool van pulled up in the driveway.  I would really like to know why they bark at certain things and not others??? If there are any dog whisperers out there, please clue me in.

I was outside taking pictures, waiting for AAA, I took this picture-which has nothing do to with the blog topic today - but hey, it's our blog and I can do it!

Go Florida State University Seminoles!!!!!!!!!

Minnie will be back to blogging next time.  Thanks, Minnie for letting me take over today!

Update on car trouble---Barry called from the parking garage at his office.  He was getting ready to come home, when he discovered his car had a flat tire!  Is this a conspiracy against us?


Hound Girl said...

Glad it wasnt worse and you got the car all fixed up. They look soo cute in their boosters. Mine never bark at the garbageor recycling guys but if a person is in the street - they go nuts. I dont get it.

Minnie Moo said...

I'm glad your car got fixed! I can't re-find your picture either on the website :( They must have updated it after I told you about it. So sorry.

But you looked adorable while you were up there!


Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

Maddy the Puggle said...

What a morning! Glad it all turned out ok :)

Simply Pug said...

Glad your car is working fine.
Baby just got back from the hospital. Looks like he may loose an eye! My human is crying and Baby is wearing this cone thingie.
~Lucy the Worried Pug

houndstooth said...

*snicker* Are the car gods angry with you? At least tomorrow is a new day!

jen said...

Oh No!!! Hope things go a bit better tomorrow:)

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