Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Evening Walk-a-bouts

Most evenings we are very lucky to walk with other humans and doggies in our neighborhood.  The group has grown from 2 people/dogs to 4 families and dogs!  We are also lucky to be joined  on occassion by a very cute and active 5 year old when she has nothing better to do! 

We try to take different routes each night so we won't get bored.  It's also important to check out the new "P-mail"  that's been delivered since out last visit. That is really important for Mack.  He's the only boy dog in the group, so I guess we are his harem.  Here we are:

Thats Mack sniffing the bottom of the pole.  That's Bijou - the silver/gray medium size dog who's justg about 1 year old.  and  Mandy's back half.

This is a better picture of Mandy.  She's 7 months old and LOVES to play and flop and run.

This lovely lady is Foxy.  She won't tell her age!!   but she's a little gray around the snout.

Ok, Mandy is a camera hog. 

This lovely lady is Gretta, she's Foxy's sister.

Foxy looks like this a lot.  She doesn't like us to play near her or we get the "ugly" face.

Me and Mandy fooling around.  It's hard to play when we are on leash :(

Foxy givning Mack the "ugly face"

Bijou checking out something left on the pipeline.

At the end of the walk the other night, Mandy's humom picked her up and carried her the last block.  She was tired of Mandy pulling her arm off.  Mandy was after something!

We tried to get a group photo, however, no one was cooperating so humom finally gave up.  We'll try again soon.

The days are getting shorter now.  Our evening walks are ending at sunset.  Pretty soon we'll be walking in the dark!  And it will be getting cool, then cold, then snow!  We plan on walking in almost all weather.  We'll see!

Ha ha, fooled ya!  Just threw this one in to confuse.  Brodie is squirrel watching.


Maddy the Puggle said...

How awesome that you have so many dogs to walk with :) I hope you can walk all winter long!

jen said...

That is so great that you have a lot of people to walk with.
Our boys walk the most in the winter time, even during a blizzard:)

Puggle Preston said...

what a great idea. Mommy and I always wish we had walking buddies.. Mommy can only talk to me during our walkies and it is usually "let's go preston" "come on" "NO! NO!" "out! out!".