Sunday, September 5, 2010

Holiday Walk in the Woods

Today we took a wonderful hike through part of Folley Lick Stream Park, which backs up to the subdivision where we live.  Since it was nice and cool out for a change, Mack was able to go with us.

Throughout the park there are several crossovers. This is my favorite place.  A few times I have been allowed off leash but there were other dogs around, so no go for off leash today.  The water was really low.

Here I am in our "river".

Smelling the flowers along the path.

Enjoying all the smells.

Sun reflecting off the water.

This tells us how our county is helping protect our streams and wildlife. Very nice!

Mack is always glad to get back to civilization to do his "thing" to posts, trees and mailboxes.

Here we are back in our front yard checking for squirrels.  Time for a nap and a snack!

It is really dry out right now and we are crossing our paws for some needed rain. Although, to be honest, I dont' like to go our in the all.  

Humom is still trying to get the hang of posting and working with HTML, so please disregard the gaps between pictures, she just can't seem to get the spaces out, but is working on it.

Hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their long weekend!


Maddy the Puggle said...

That looked like a really nice walk! and a really nice place to go for a walk :) I'm glad that Mack was able to come too. I like the cool weather a lot more 'cause it means Mommy and Daddy will let me run around like a crazy Puggle for a lot longer :)

Mr. Puggle® said...

What a nice day =)

Two Little Cavaliers said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog this weekend. We hope you had fun with your first blog hop!

Looks like a really fun walk you went on. How come you have to leave your brother home when it is hot out? Guess he wouldn't like it where we live very much since it is always hot here. At least he got to go with you this time to sniff all the flowers and play in your stream. That looks like fun.

Two Little Cavaliers