Friday, September 3, 2010

My Other Feline Brothers

As I have mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, I have other brothers besides Mack. Here they are sunning themselves on the bed....looking all sweet and innocent.....

This is Brodie, I know him as the devil cat.

and this is sweet Osiris.

Brodie LOVES to help me
with my blog. If you see mis-types, it because I have a nose full of cat fur and am sneezing.

Below is something Brodie just typed and I'm not kidding:


Anyway, here is the nice story of how Brodie and Osiris arrived atour house one dark and stormy June day....

One of my human brothers (and I have quite a few) and let's call him...hmm....Joe, moved into an apartment when he was a young 19. He also had 2 room mates. (At this point my humom says, who in their right mind would rent a very nice apartment to three 19 year olds??????) anyway, back to the story. So Joe and one of his room mates, lets call him Todd, decided they wanted to have a cat. Well, my ONLY human sister, who is very sweet and loving said she would pay the adoption fees for 2 really sweet looking 7 month old kitties at the vet that were looking for forever homes and give that to Joe for his Christmas gift. Joe and Todd took the kitties home to their apartment. Things were going really good for them, hold on.....until the guys had a kitchen fire. It wasn't that bad, the building did not burn down, and repairs were made and the folks that had to move out of their apartments for a few days, moved back in. I know this is hard to believe but the apartment management would not renew their lease and said so longgggggg.

So they guys had to move back home. Joe moved back to our house with Brodie. Todd moved back into his house and Osiris moved in with us. Surprise. It's been a few years. We all get along really well. Sweet Osiris is afraid of his shadow and frequently scares himself. The other day, he was sitting on the couch next to hudad. Hudad moved his arm just a little and Osiris shot about 5 feet straight up before coming back down. He does that alot. Brodie, the devil cat, has probably lived about 8.5 of his 9 lives and he is only 3. I know where the saying "curiosity killed the cat" is coming from. You can hear him in the middle of the night running through the house, banging into things and making all kinds of noise.

The one good thing that Mack and I really enjoy is a game called Chase the Cat. Sometimes it turns into Chase the Dog. Humom said she can hear the thunder of little feet running in the upsairs hallway, down the stairs, then up the stairs and down the hallway again. :) That makes me smile. I feel like playing that right now!

Hope all 4 legs and 2 legs have a great holiday weekend and don't eat too much watermelon!


Sandy said...

Loved the pictures. Devil Cat cracked me up. You type purrr fectly.
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Salinger The Pug said...

Those C*TS freak me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!