Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wonderful Saturday

Hi everyone in Blogville!  Mack and I had a great day yesterday.  The weather here (Northern VA) was perfect, low humidity, middle 70's and lots o'sunshine.

Hu-mom, hu-dad and Mack and I signed up for the K-9 Fun Walk & Doggie Expo which is in conjunction with the Herndon Festival, where we live in Herndon VA.

First was a 4K walk around town with a ca-jillion other doggies and their peeps, then a doggie expo with exhibits, lots of treats and demonstrations. Of course, Mack was the only doggie there in a stroller (there were some humans in strollers).  Since the weather was so nice, he was able to walk more than 1/2 of it.  Hu-mom took her camera and her Flip, but as usual, forgot to take ANY pictures.....

Hu-dad and Mack went home after the walk, but hu-mom and I came back to enjoy the expo and demos.  I actually tried out the agility demo and loved it.  Hu-mom is thinking of enrolling me in an agility class, not for competition, but just for fun!  I'm all for it. I love doing stuff! Did I say there were treats?  I enjoyed lots of treat!

Mack and I actually had our first Frosty Paws, too.  It was yummy!

At the very end were the drawings for goody bags.  Guess what!  Mack and I each won a goody bag.  Mack won a free Bare Bones Bath at Bark and Bubbles, (boy, does he need it) and I won a free subscription to novadog (which means Northern Virginia) magazine and some goodies (treats and toys).  We were so lucky!!!  

Here is the only fo-toe human remembered to take.  It's me accepting our prize from the nice lady at the novadog booth.

Like I said, it was a great day, we were exhausted and hot by the time we got home.  Our walk last evening was short, walk, poop, home!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Minnie : )


Frankie Furter said...

CONGRATULATIONS... YOU WERE BOTH WINNERS!!! And such grrrreat stuffs you did WIN!!!
THAT must have been the mostest perfect day EVER!!
I want to be sure that you know you are invited to the Family Furendly Furst Annual Blogville Picnic in the Bark.. on JUNE 17 & 18. It is gonna be a BLAST... and there will be TONS of fun contests and neat thingys to do and see.

Payton said...

Aww, I'm bummed that you didn't get any pictures of the walk, but Minnie, you sure look cute getting your award. Do you have on a yellow bandanna? That color looks good on you! It's so cool that you both had a great day and were winners!

Max the Quilt Cat said...

What a great day.... I coulda gone to that in a stroller... That's a hoot. And a very practical solution to getting out. Glad you had so much fun and won prizes too.

pawhugs, Max

Honey the Great Dane said...

Wow, what a great day indeed!! Sounds absolutely packed! And I hope you do take up agility, Minnie - it'll be so much fun! *(Well, I think most things that aren't done for competition are more fun! :-) )

Sounds like Mack had a great time too and it's wonderful that he could walk half the way!

Honey the GReat Dane

houndstooth said...

How awesome that you both won something, although I have to say that I think you got the better end of the deal! My motto is just say no to baths! I wish we had a cool expo like that here by us.


Schnauzer Days said...

Sounds like a fab day out, our human is glad she's not the only one who forgets about photo's until after the event! The prizes sound great...apart from the bath, you might want to pass that one on ;-) Dex & Lou x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Congratulation on your winnings!
I went on a walk too. I am very jealous of Mack's stroller. That is definitely the way to go.

Kristin G. said...

Way to go guys!! As hot as it's been, I think I might have been in a stroller too. ;)

Lori @ According to Gus said...

What a great Saturday! I bet Mack was so happy that he was able to walk a bit, and then hop in his stroller for a ride!

Woot woot for each of you winning a goody bag!

roba. gad2 said...