Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guess Who's Going Back to School?

Hu-mom at the keyboard today.

Mario, the foster puggle, has been with us since March 14, 2012.  He's settled in and gotten into our routine pretty much.  He is a sweet, affectionate and smart dog.  He just has LOTS of energy and a stubborn streak.   

He came to us with some training and has such a good, sweet heart. He's a lot more rambunctious than Minnie or Mack.  We've been working with him on his manners and focusing on the right thing (not the cats or food) which is really hard for him. Being a puggle - half pug and half beagle- he has both of their strong attributes - stubbornness of the pug and very strong sniffer of the beagle. This does pose a challenge for him in regards to training.   His stubbornness shows through when he won't break his stare at food or animals  instead of focusing on the person giving his command.  His strong sense of smell gets him in trouble - like counter surfing...etc.  After talking with friends and a dog trainer, I decided both Mario and I needed to go back to school to freshen up our training techniques and maybe learn a few new things or two. Don't  worry, Minnie and Mack,  I will certainly bring these new things home for you guys, too!

So after looking at the training options in our area this is where we're going to start on Wednesday June 6!  

Beginner Education

Specifically tailored for puppies over 5 months and adult dogs that have had no previous training.

  • Certificate of completion earned.
  • Course length: 6 weeks.
Key topics include:

Mario does know the basics but doesn't know all of them.  I'm also thinking of trying him out for non competitive agility and it does require obedience training. So this is our start!

Minnie completed the beginner and intermediate levels at Petsmart when she was a youngster and we thoroughly enjoyed the classes and instructors. 


We still have our fingers crossed for Mario to find a forever home but  certainly don't want him to be returned to fosterhood because of training issues.  So this is just another step for him to become a perfect pet for some wonderful family out there!

Enjoy the sunshine, warmth ~I can remember the cold weather was just here not too long ago!


Hound Girl said...

That is great!!! Sounds like he needs a little help on those manners. Haylie was born with them but Fred - we failed obedience several times :) We were an honorary graduate!

I cant wait to hear how it goes and hopefully you will blog about the process with him. I do hope this will be another step for him finding a forever home.

Thank you for the sweet words about Fred this morning :)

Frank The Tank said...

Hi Hu-Mom, Minnie, Mack and Mario,

I’m really sad to hear that foster puggle Mario hasn’t been adopted yet, I really cannot believe that he has been with you guys since March 14th 2012! How long was Miss Daisy with you? How long can you keep Mario for? Would you keep him if nobody wants him?? I am so glad to hear that he has settled in to your home and your routine, I love my routine and it’s so important for us doggies!
I think that it is such a wonderful idea to go back to school to freshen up everyone’s training techniques so a big GOOD LUCK for June 6th! I love the idea of the non-competitive agility for Mario it’s a good way to get rid of all that energy and good for training purposes too!
I’m so glad to hear that MY Minnie completed both the beginner and intermediate levels at Petsmart, she is super smart! Mum trained me very well when I was a puppy so have never had to go to classes but it sounds like so much fun that I may see if Mum can find a trainer group in our area, it never hutrs to have more training and gain new skills!!
Oh we will be keeping our Paws and fingers crossed for Mario to find a forever home, I really wish him all the best in his training and hope it helps to get him a new home soon! I love Mario he seems like such a handsome, playful and loving dog!

Love, Licks, Hugs, Tummy Rubs and Tail Wags from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bunk said...

This is wonderful. You are so kind to help Mario out. I did the beginner's training and did not learn much... my pug stubbornness won. BUT if you are motivated, I am sure you can do it!:)


Bunk The Pug.

tubby3pug said...

Good luck in school, Im sure he will be a star. Weasley starts puppy pre k soon so will be back in puppy school as well

urban hounds

Jeanne Pursell said...

We think it is awesome that puppy training classes are beginning! Great stuff!! All for a good cause!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Maddy and Owen said...

You sound like you are really taking good care of Mario over there :) He is very lucky to have you! We hope he enjoys the classes and that he does well :)
Maddy and Owen

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh - I think Mario is SO lucky to have you guys doing so much for him!!!! And I think a bit of extra training can never go wrong! :-) Even if they know all the commands already - everytime you're in a new environment or with new/diff distractions, it's a new test - that's why I keep it up with Honey. Training is never finished, in my opinion, and besides, even if you don't have any specific goals - it is just such great fun & bond-builder between dogs & humans. The best way! :-)

Can't wait to hear more about your class!

And still keeping everything crossed for Mario finding his family!!


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